In the heart of Angel lives Slim Jims, The Masterful Purveyor of Good Times.
The bar is stocked with carefully selected whiskeys and liquor, if whiskey is not for you try one of our classic cocktails or a cold craft beer.

Jims' award winning Jukebox is loaded with all the classics, from Zepplin to G 'n' R.

Every Saturday from 7pm live music. Free entry

Slim Jim's Radio Show every Monday 8pm to 10pm on www.hoxtonradio.com hosted by David Mortal

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Thursday 2nd June 2016 at Slim Jim's »

Never a dull moment when Liam Young and David Mortal are behind the decks.

Dirty Rock, loads of booze and inappropriate behaviour the first Thursday of every month

Don't Miss at Slim Jim's
Tim Holehouse
Saturday 18th June
at Slim Jim's »

Slim Jim's Radio Show
Monday 30th May
at Slim Jim's »

Every Monday our jukebox is free all night
Monday 30th May
at Slim Jim's »

Tim Holehouse
Saturday 18th June 2016 at Slim Jim's »

Tim Holehouse has spent the last 10 years on the road touring his ass off to play his music to the people of the world, playing his brand of mutant delta blues (delta blues played by a guy who was raised on a musical diet of being in Hardcore bands like Minor Threat, Husker du, Minute men and Black Flag). Not touring for huge profits (just enough to get by) or to seek fame, just a pure love of music, travelling and adventure.

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Sat 28 May
Seafoam Green
7pm to 9pm
Sun 29 May
Jungle Jim's
10pm to 1am