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Kerbera unplugged at Slims
Thursday 18th October 2018 at Slim Jim's »

Kerbera is a visual alternative rock act based in Stockholm, Sweden. The band mixes an ambient sound with progressive undertones and catchy melodies; too hard for the soft and too soft for the hard, too dark for the bright and too bright for the dark. Filling a void between genres and artistic expression, Kerbera's image is of an anti-stereotypical character that questions norms on a psychological level. Kerbera started in 2013 and today has over 6 million views on YouTube, they have previously released eight singles, an ep and their debut album "People Like You" was released in April 2016. The latest single "Howl" was released March 20 and coincided with the organization "The Man That Rescues Dogs", followed up by a cohesive charity tour. Kerbera has also recently returned from Russia where they opened for the American band Falling In Reverse in Moscow and St Petersburg for full houses.

Kerbera just released their signing with the Ohio based management CB Entertainment ( ) and will be releasing the new single “Home Is Where I Don’t Belong” October 5th.

With a strong concept and a dedicated fan base, they infect the world one day at a time with their “modern freakshow”

"If you're thinking of freakshow then it's purely appearance-like. We represent a freak show on the inside. Back in the days, people wanted to go and watch freak shows to marvel and at the same time feeling normal. Humiliate others for their physical attributes. Our modern freak show turns a mirror to the audience and challenges them to confront themselves" says singer Seike Clowniac

Thu 18 October
Kerbera unplugged at Slims
8pm to 10pm
Thu 18 October
Jungle Jim's
10pm to 3am