In the heart of Angel lies Slim Jims, The Masterful Purveyor of Good Times.

Our bar is stocked with carefully selected whiskies and liquor, but if whiskey is not your thing, perhaps try one of our classic cocktails or a cold craft beer.

Slims' award winning Jukebox is loaded with all the classics, from Zepplin to G 'n' R, and Deep Purple to Black Sabbath

Our cozy booths, with seating for 4 to 8 people, can be reserved for you and your friends. Just drop us an email at

Or for larger groups, why not book the 'Good Times Saloon', great for groups of 15 to 20 people!

The venue has been used for music, video and modelling shoots. It is ideal for album launches and other PR events.We have worked with Warner Music UK, Jack Daniels, High Time Engine, Slackjaw Apparel and Sailor Jerry among others.
For further information send us an email to

On behalf of Warner Music I used Slim Jims to host an event for an American band. I used the event to do an album playback, meet and greet and live performance for the bands fans (who were all competition winners). The Staff of Slim Jims helped me from the very start. They were quick to get back to me with their services of what they could offer us, making it very easy to arrange our event quickly and efficiently. With the ongoing support from the Slim Jims team we were able to put our work together and successfully pull off an event. Throughout the night of the event the Slim Jims team were extremely accommodating, security was on point at all times, all of our guests were looked after and all facilities were fantastic. The staff of Slim Jims were on point throughout our whole event and I can still taste the delicious cocktails now. We will most certainly be working with them again soon!

Ruby Webb (Artist Relation Coordinator)

Tech Specs

4,9 feet depth x 9,5 feet width + 5,5 feet extension

Mackie SRM350 monitor [1]
TurboSound Compact Series TCX-10 250w [6]
Allen & Heath PA 12 Digital Mixing Console
QSC Audio RMX1450 Power Amplifier [1]
QSC Audio RMX2450 Power Amplifier [1]

Shure SM58 [4]
Active DI Box [4]

Slimline 7Q5 [4]

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Featured Act
Friday 24th August 2018 at Slim Jim's »

In an era of Talent Show winners and disposable pop stars, MARK CURRAN stands out from the rest, not only as a singer/songwriter but as a bona fide Rock Star. Born in Ireland, and raised in the working class state of New Jersey, Mark was surrounded, and influenced by a plethora of Rock 'n' Roll's finest. He spent most of his early years playing up and down the East Coast, honing and learning his craft.

Mark has returned to the live stage with his new band, CURRAN, blending Hard Rock hooks with Pop melodies, Curran are hoping to bring back a much-needed excitement to Rock 'n' Roll. Building upon great and honest songwriting, CURRAN leave their hearts on the stage every time. 'Whether it's five people or 5,000 people, it's the same show!' 'We're just 4 guys trying to play honest music and entertain you! All we're asking for is a chance, come see us. I promise you won't forget us!'

Come join Mark at the famous Slim Jim's Liquor Store on September 2nd for a night of singing and dancing......and drinking.

Look for CURRAN'S new single, BETTER DAYS, later this year on MAWL Records.

From 8pm to 10pm

Free entry b4 10pm, '3 after 10pm.

Tue 21 August
Pickleback Tuesdays
4pm to 2am
Thu 23 August
10pm to 3am